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Welcome to the 2010 archives for Better Choices Waterloo Region.

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On October 25th, make Better Choices.

Why should you consider the candidates endorsed by Waterloo Region’s Better Choices? Because you want your local governments to be able to deliver quality public services while supporting the local economy, paying a living wage, while making environmental sustainability a priority.

The following priorities were developed in consultations with local unions and community groups and will go a long way to make our communities a better place for everyone. Municipalities Matter!


Building vibrant, thriving communities means smart planning and development with special consideration for how we care for our citizens and preserve our heritage.  We want:

Adequate, affordable, accessible housing and communitiy centre, libraries, and public services that meet the needs of our citizens.

Public water and wastewater is key so everyone in our communities is assured fresh, safe water as a basic right.

Public affordable transit is a must.  We also need to increase bicycle lanes, walking trails, and green spaces.

No to the Public Private Partnership (P3) model of service delivery: they have proven not to work in cities across this country.

Made-in-Canada Puchasing Policy

Our City Councils spend a huge portion of our tax dollars purchasing goods and services to run our cities.  Procurement is a powerful economic stimulus and should be used as such.  We want:

“Buy Local, Buy Canadian” procurement policies to support local businesses and jobs.

Local Councils should pressure the federal and provincial government to “Buy Canadian”.

Municipal Revenues and Taxation

From every tax dollar collected in Canada, municipalities receive only 8 cents!  To maintain local public services, municipalities need long-term, predictable, stable funding.

Municipal Councils should challenge the provincial and federal government to improve the funding regime for municipalities.

Councils should lead ongoing public consultation and education about municipal taxes.

A Living Wage: Fair Wages and Working Conditions

Wage inequality is the root cause of many social problems our communities confront on a daily basis.  City Councils should:

Adopt a living wage policy.

Maintain public services.

Include fair wage/working conditions requirements within municipal procurement policy.

Sustainability: The Green Agenda

Green jobs, green spaces, houses and buildings.  City Councils should implement sustainability plans that include:

A serious public dbate about urban density / urban sprawl.

Balanced development with land use for agriculture, parks, etc.

A local recycling program (organics and solids).


Our children`s education is the foundation of a productive society.  As provincial governments head into another round of cuts, the underfunding of our schools will continue.  We need strong school trustees who will advocate for:

Publicly funded and delivered education.

A new education funding formula.

A limit on class sizes.

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