Mayor: no endorsed candidate*

Ward 1: Mike Devine

“The current economic situation that we have has created tremendous job loss in the city of Cambridge. Quite simply it is about jobs. Made in Canada Matters!”

“If people do not have decent paying jobs above the livable wage then the entire community is in a downward spiral. No one will win a race to the bottom.”

Ward 2: Rick Cowsill

“Cambridge council needs to initiate an action team consisting of representatives from labour, social services and city management to explore a method of promoting and educating our business sector in achieving a decent wage level for their employees and our citizens.”

“I want to see the City take a more proactive approach to child care by creating and developing a municipal enterprise that would get into the business of running daycare centres.”

Ward 3: no endorsed candidate*

Ward 4: no endorsed candidate*

Ward 5: Pam Wolf

“I am against contracting out public services. It usually means service is worse because the people doing it are underpaid and often less skilled. Financial savings are minimal since the contractor is taking a profit.”

“I believe in a living wage and I have suggested it many times. I was a member of the Fair Wage Committee and proposed the formation of Poverty Reduction Roundtable which was adopted by Council.”

Ward 6: Shannon Adshade

“Youth need places to meet, train, study and engage. Popcorn House, Langs Farm Village Association and Fiddlesticks Neighbourhood Association are good examples which need continued support and development. “

“CambridgeMemorialHospital needs to be funded appropriately by the Provincial government.  It has been shortchanged for years and the government needs to proceed ASAP with the long announced expansion for CMH.  There is still a need for more doctors and health care professionals in our community.”

Ward 7: Frank Curnew

“Homegrown jobs are important. Purchasing Canadian, union made products are essential to provide jobs here in our communities.”

“Childcare has not received appropriate funding from all levels of government for many years. Providing support from the city and region is one step in the right direction. Pressuring provincial and federal governments to increase funding is also important.”

Ward 8: Susan Galvao

“The city needs to be a LOUD voice for our health needs. I want to see council members on the board of directors of the hospital. I want to see the province work closely withCambridge in addressing our needs.”

“I am a huge fan of the “buy local” philosophy which I think is the key to economic diversity and recovery. It makes perfect sense to start first at a governmental level.”

Cambridge Regional Councilor – Atinuke Bankole

“I believe that the critical issues presently facing my community are the need to: 1) strengthen the economy & create more jobs; 2) alleviate poverty; 3) improve roads, roundabouts and transit; 4) safeguard the environment, and; 5) provide better health care in Cambridge.”

“In order to effectively combat homelessness, regional council needs to not only provide adequate numbers of emergency shelter beds, but also provide transitional housing. In transitional housing, homeless people would have social workers, addictions counselors and mental health professionals to assist them in recovery. Regional council needs to encourage more holistic organizations like the Bridges in Cambridgewhich provides a wide array of services to help people come off the streets and more importantly, stay off the streets.”

*Candidates were not endorsed in every Ward or Mayoral or Regional race.  See the Candidate Endorsement Process for full explanation.