Mayor: no endorsed candidate*

Ward 1: no endorsed candidate*

Ward 2: no endorsed candidate*

Ward 3: Paula Sossi

“I am against contracting out Public Services. This simply means more profits for corporations.  It begins the cycle of cuts in services at the expense of the worker and an increase in taxes or service fees.”

“I am not afraid to voice my opinion and I would ensure it is a recorded vote because I would want people to know my opinions on the subject.”

Ward 4: no endorsed candidate*

Ward 5: Lorne Bruce

“We need to include affordable housing in any urban development strategy.”

“I would work to change the culture and attitude at City Hall to reflect a more community-minded and fiscally-responsible approach to all decisions.”

Ward 6: Steve Sachs

“This community should have the ability to assist the unfortunate people that find themselves in any homeless predicament.  Homelessness will be, along with Poverty, my highest priority as a Councilor.”

“Council will have to make it known to the Region of Waterloo that all persons in the Ontario Works program should attain a level of financial ability to maintain a home and feed themselves and have the possibilities to find work.”

Ward 7: Susan Koswan

“I think we need to launch a 100 Mile Economic Plan. I find it shocking that Arise Technology had to go to Germany to build a new manufacturing plant when it should have happened here.”

“CommunityGardens are an effective way to feed people, build self-esteem and even reduce crime. I would like to look atKitchener’s policy on CommunityGardens, the viability of building community greenhouses, and the raising of urban chickens.”

Ward 8: Scott Piatkowski

“I think that municipalities can meet the need for neighbourhood services by co-operating with local schools. This would help to bring more money into the system, while also building neighbourhoods that are currently underserviced.”

“More should be done to maintain existing jobs – particularly well paying manufacturing jobs – in the community.”

Ward 9: Debbie Chapman

“All downtown developments need to ensure a balance between community needs and business needs. The community voice needs to be heard and taken seriously.”

“I would try to ensure that all economic development be tied to a living wage, a wage that reflects basic living costs such as adequate housing and food.”

Ward 10: Daniel Glenn-Graham

“I support a living wage and I would vote for it at council and promote it in the community based on the City Café model.”

“Contracting out public services is a dangerous trend away from stable and secure full-time work, with poor benefit coverage and no security.”

Kitchener Regional Councilor – Barbara da Silva

“How we care for the homeless is a reflection of who we are as a community.”

“The loss of full time jobs means many families go without benefits. It threatens housing and nutrition for the whole community.”

Kitchener Regional Councilor – Tom Galloway

“I would like to see the provincial and Federal governments get back into the business of childcare.”

“Many positive social programs are largely the result of efforts of the labour movement.”

*Candidates were not endorsed in every Ward or Mayoral or Regional race.  See Candidate Endorsement Process for full explanation.