Mayor: Brenda Halloran

“I believe Waterloo is faced with several critical issues. Employment issues like job creation, unemployment and our current inability to help new Canadians find employment affect a large part of our community.  There is a lack of affordable housing and daycare in our community and an increased need of our food banks.  Many in our community don’t have proper access to general health care and there is a shortage of doctors. I believe our future water supply is a critical issue and lastly, I believe there is a lack of efficient transportation in our community.”

Ward 1: no endorsed candidate*

Ward 2: no endorsed candidate*

Ward 3: Angela Vieth

“The critical issues facing our community are managing growth, protecting the environment, and maintaining a liveable community that cares for all citizens, especially seniors and youth.”

“The City of Waterloo needs to get better at addressing the need for affordable housing.  As Councilor I supported giving financially to the new apartment building on Erb Street, spearheaded by Supportive Housing of Waterloo. Giving homeless people a permanent address makes it easier for them to get training and work.”

Ward 4: Diane Freeman

“I will continue to advocate through my position with the Association of Municipalities of Ontariofor sustainable for funding for childcare in the Province of Ontario.”

“More needs to be done to assist those individuals who find themselves homeless. Even though social services is a Regional mandate, if elected I will continue to pursue the implementation of recommendations from Safe and Healthy Communities Committee.”

Ward 5: Mark Whaley

“I was disappointed that the Regional Council rejected the living wage proposal earlier this year.”

“Not only is Employment Insurance money diverted to other uses but the waiting times for people in need of benefits is atrocious.”

Ward 6: Jeff Henry

“We need to improve local economic development so that it works for all members of our community, from younger people to the more experienced manufacturing worker.”

“Quite often, arrangements to provide public services through private means end up costing more and those costs are hidden when agreements are signed.”

Ward 7: Erin Epp

“I propose creating ways that people can contribute real input into how their cities are built and how services are administered.”

“The municipality should be a model of ethical purchasing practices. Buying locally is generally good for our economy and the environment.”

Waterloo Regional Councilor – Jane Mitchell

“Poverty can be reduced by retraining, education, the development of good jobs, more childcare so women can work, more mental health and addictions programs and an increase in Ontario Works and Disability. Union jobs also decrease poverty.

“25 years ago, I was advocating for increased childcare as the president and founder of the Waterloo Infant Toddler Daycare. Not much has changed and it will not change until we have Universal Childcare.”

*Candidates were not endorsed in every Ward or Mayoral or Regional race.  See Candidate Endorsement Process for full explanation.