About Us

Better Choices Waterloo Region is a broad, non-partisan coalition of progressive individuals and organizations committed to building a better Waterloo Region through active participation in the 2014 Municipal Elections.

We value an inclusive, vibrant, and accessible community that recognizes the inherent worth of each one of its members. We acknowledge the important role that municipal government plays in creating and protecting quality jobs by building safe, sustainable, green communities. To that end, we endeavour to support and elect progressive municipal leaders committed to the creation of a Better Waterloo Region, where all citizens have equal opportunities to live, work and play.

Our Executive

We have a carefully-selected group of ten people who make key decisions on candidate endorsement and campaign strategy. We believe our Executive represents the diversity of issues identified to be of interest to Better Choices, and represents all geographical areas of Waterloo Region.

Better Choices Waterloo Region Executive

Click here for a full list of our Executive members.

Our Issues, Our Candidates

We conducted public meetings in September 2014 in which we asked people for the municipal issues that were most important to them and what kind of candidates they wanted to see on municipal councils and school boards. These are themes which emerged:

  1. Strengthening our Local Economy
  2. Building an Open and Inclusive Government
  3. Creating a Liveable and Sustainable Community
  4. Addressing Poverty

These are the qualities people said they wanted to see in endorsed candidates:

  1. Knowledgeable and seeks information
  2. Electable
  3. Shows Leadership

To read the full details of the candidate commitments and characteristics we sought, click here.