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Donna ReidDonna Reid is the Better Choices endorsed candidate in Ward 1 in Cambridge.  Donna was first elected in 2010 and has served on a variety of committees at the city, including Vice Chair of Budget, Human Resources Advisory Committee, the Archives Board, Hespeler BIA and the Fire Master Plan.

Donna’s involvement in community life in Cambridge is extensive and she is always willing to lend an ear, or a helping hand.  Her work in equity issues as Executive Director of the teachers’ Federation continues in the political arena with her work on a council of Aging, recognizing outstanding women, initiating a Cambridge Celebration of Women and a committee member of the Women’s Municipal Campaign School to encourage women to run for political office.

Quotes from Donna’s questionnaire give a strong sense of why municipal government is important to her and what she brings as a councillor:

  • Citizen participation is essential to democracy. It may be messy, awkward and sometimes gives us a solution we don’t want but it still remains better than any other method of governance.
  • I want to encourage more inclusive events for ethnic minorities and religions in our “Christmas in Cambridge” events.
  • Our citizens realize that city building takes investment in buildings, services and infrastructure. The Dunfield Theatre is an example of how an investment pays off. The city has seen a $39 million return as a direct result of the theatre.
  • Innovations such as on-line voting, telephone voting, and voting at any poll in the city will allow voters to participate more easily and in greater numbers than in the past.


Pam Wolf photo compressed and cropped

Pam Wolf is the Better Choices endorsed candidate in Ward 5 in Cambridge, where she is the incumbent candidate.  Pam has dedicated years of service to the city of Cambridge and its people.

Pam has been a strong voice for the citizens of Cambridge, especially on issues like strengthening the local economy, and building an open and equitable municipal government.

Pam works to encourage Council to meet citizens where they live, work or play to make sure municipal government is not simply hearing from those who can show up at a council meeting. She suggests going to different locations to hear a cross section of opinions.

Pam states, “I strongly believe in buying local and have tried to pass motions at council which would favour local tenders with a fixed percent advantage. When we do any events through city hall we use local businesses for catering and all gifts given are from local artists and stores. I have encouraged Mayor’s Night at the movies to feature Canadian movies or artists and, wherever possible, to showcase local talent.


Elizabeth Clarke resized

Elizabeth Clarke is endorsed by Better Choices as a Kitchener Councillor at Large candidate for Regional Council.

Elizabeth Clarke is the CEO of YWCA Kitchener-Waterloo, and a part-time Practicum Professor with Wilfrid Laurier University’s Master of Social Work program.  Elizabeth has over 25 years’ experience as a social worker and social work administrator in the not-for-profit sector.  Elizabeth has a master’s degree in social work, with a focus on social policy and administration.  She has completed Wilfrid Laurier University’s post-graduate Management and Leadership certificate.  Elizabeth has served on a number of voluntary committees and boards in our region, and currently sits on the City of Kitchener’s Safe and Healthy Community Advisory Committee and the Region of Waterloo’s Housing Stability System Advisory Committee.

Elizabeth is a recipient of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Excellence in Social Work Teaching award, the Region of Waterloo’s Community Housing Champion award, and the Queen’s Jubilee Award for her work advancing the rights of women and girls.

As Elizabeth says, “My masters degree in social work and my twenty-five years’ experience in direct, policy and administrative work have equipped me with an advanced understanding of social issues and realistic solutions. I’ve worked alongside Waterloo’s regional government – as a partner, an advocate and an advisor – for almost fifteen years.  I know how it works, I know its strengths, and I know its challenges.  I believe that I have the knowledge and the experience and the skills to work effectively within regional government, as a Councillor representing Kitchener.

“It’s at the regional level that we have the freedom to make decisions, unencumbered by partisan politics, which will make lasting improvements in our citizens’ lives.  And it’s at the regional level that we have the ability to engage the diverse communities that make up Waterloo to create meaningful conversations to envision a better place for us all to live.”


Colin SlingsbyColin Slingsby is the Better Choices endorsed candidate in Ward 6 in Cambridge.

Colin is committed to building strong communities. He is a father of three children, an electrical worker, a past reserve soldier for the Canadian Forces  and an individual who is very involved in and proud of the Cambridge community.

Colin Slingsby believes that good municipal government takes care of the younger generation. For example, allowing employment opportunities for young people seeking post secondary education gives them the work experience they need and a chance to pay for education that will one day be reinvested back into our community.

As Colin explains, “Economic prosperity begins at home. Local investment is a great way to create local jobs, and bring in outside revenue. Investment in building local sports complexes and retail outlets makes the city a desirable location to hold events and a desirable location to shop and live. Then, increasing advertisement of our area throughout the province truly shows “It’s all right here in Cambridge.”


Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 6.29.25 PMSarah Marsh is the Better Choices endorsed candidate in Ward 10 in Kitchener.

Sarah, her husband and three active boys have lived in Ward 10 since 2001.  Sarah is a business owner and operates a small consulting firm that offers social research, program evaluation and organizational development to non-profit organizations. She has a Masters of Education, and previously taught English for the Waterloo Region District School Board.  Sarah is passionate about community development and works with various non-profit organizations, including The Working Centre and Waterloo Regional Homes for Mental Health, leading collaborative, innovative initiatives designed to meet the needs of the people of Kitchener.

Sarah has strong views on what Kitchener Council should do to improve economic prosperity for everyone.  “Council needs to support development of businesses in Kitchener which pay reasonable wages and benefits; to take a public stand on support for increases toward a minimum wage that brings families above the poverty line; to reconsider its decision and support a living wage policy; to raise more awareness and increase the budget for the Leisure Access Card; and to support those organizations which work toward the alleviation of poverty. We can and should make the full inclusion of all citizens in our economic development a priority for this community.”

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