Endorsements Finalized!

August 29, 2014 – Better Choices Waterloo Region has endorsed 38 candidates for the October 27th municipal and school board elections. The coalition of progressive individuals and organizations endorsed candidates for Regional and area municipal Councils and both school boards after 60 candidates filled out the group’s questionnaire.

candidates endorsed by Better Choices Waterloo Region at a meeting in Kitchener Wednesday night

candidates endorsed by Better Choices Waterloo Region at a meeting in Kitchener Wednesday night

“We are extremely excited about this diverse group of candidates,” said Nancy Hutcheson, spokesperson for the Better Choices Executive. “It contains a good mix of incumbents and new candidates from a variety of backgrounds and experience, and we are confident that a  good number of them will be successful in their election campaigns.”

Endorsement decisions were based on four key issues identified in public meetings:

  • Strengthening our Local Economy,
  • Building an Open and Inclusive Government,
  • Creating a Liveable and Sustainable Community, and
  • Addressing Poverty

Also considered were key candidate characteristics that the Coalition was looking for:

  • Knowledgeable and Seeks Information,
  • Electable, and
  • Shows Leadership.

“Ultimately, we were seeking candidates who align best with our four key issues, and who possess these characteristics,” Hutcheson explained.

The ten-person executive of Better Choices faced a number of difficult decisions in the endorsement process, as many races featured multiple candidates vying for a limited number of positions. Better Choices decided to endorse no more than the maximum number of candidates who could be elected in an any given race.

“Our hope is that progressive voters will unite behind endorsed candidates,” said Hutcheson. “I think those who look into it will see how thorough this endorsement process was.” To be considered for endorsement, candidates completed an in-depth questionnaire and participated in a face-to-face interview with members of the Better Choices executive. The Executive also considered candidates’ voting records and public statements in making its decisions.

Here is the list of endorsed candidates:

First Name Last Name Race/Position
Donna Reid Cambridge 1
Mike Devine Cambridge 2
Brian Santos Cambridge 3
Jan Liggett Cambridge 4
Pam Wolf Cambridge 5
Colin Slingsby Cambridge 6
Doug Craig Cambridge Mayor
Grayson Zeilstra Kitchener 2
Kelly Galloway-Sealock Kitchener 5
Wanda Kampijan Kitchener 6
Fauzia Mazhar Kitchener 7
Margaret Johnston Kitchener 8
Sarah Marsh Kitchener 10
Daniel Glenn-Graham Kitchener Mayor
Ken Seiling Region Chair
Cameron Dearlove Region Kitchener (4 to elect)
Elizabeth Clarke Region Kitchener (4 to elect)
Greg Burns Region Kitchener (4 to elect)
Tom Galloway Region Kitchener (4 to elect)
Jane Mitchell Region Waterloo (2 to elect)
Diane Freeman Waterloo 4
Mark Whaley Waterloo 5
Jeff Henry Waterloo 6
Melissa Durrell Waterloo 7
Dave Jaworsky Waterloo Mayor
Anthony Piscitelli WCDSB Kitchener/Wilmot (4 to elect)
Amy Fee WCDSB Kitchener/Wilmot (4 to elect)
Joyce Anderson WCDSB Kitchener/Wilmot (4 to elect)
Melanie Van Alphen WCDSB Waterloo/Wellesley/Woolwich (2 to elect)
Janek Jagiellowicz WCDSB Waterloo/Wellesley/Woolwich (2 to elect)
Lisa MacDonald Woolwich 3 (2 to elect)
Doug McKlusky WRDSB Kitchener (4 to elect)
Kathi Smith WRDSB Kitchener (4 to elect)
Ted Martin WRDSB Kitchener (4 to elect)
Carol Millar WRDSB Waterloo/Wilmot (3 to elect)
Shelly Reed WRDSB Waterloo/Wilmot (3 to elect)
Kathleen Woodcock WRDSB Waterloo/Wilmot (3 to elect)
Scott McMillan WRDSB Woolwich/Wellesley (1 to elect)

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