Mayor – Cambridge

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About Doug

Excerpts from Doug’s Better Choices Questionnaire

“Councils do not create jobs. They create the conditions for businesses to create jobs in the community. In other words for businesses to locate in Cambridge we must have the proper infrastructure in place (water, sewer, roads transit lines etc) We must have competitive taxes and development charges that are in line with other competing communities. We must have the ingredients for a liveable city in place that attracts business such as parks, arenas, trails and even good community medical care and hospitals.”

“I feel that it is important that in labour relations you have the very best skilled people negotiating with an attitude that links fairness, competitive wages and working conditions to final agreements. Cambridge has a long history going back 25 years without strikes in our community and with negotiated settlements that are fair to both parties.”

“The goal of a living wage in the community should be realized by all our citizens. When there is a living wage there is a decrease in public support structures such as affordable housing and social programmes which in turn translates in to lower costs.”