Mayor – Waterloo

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About Dave

Dave has lived in Waterloo since graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Math and Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. As a student Dave was attracted to the University of Waterloo because of its strong collaboration with business and its focus on co-op programs. He met the love of his life, Jan – a local girl, during this time and they decided to make Waterloo their home after graduation.

In his professional roles as the Director of Canadian Government Relations and as the leader of the Global Corporate Social Responsibility Team, Dave worked extensively with universities and all levels of government domestically and internationally on a range of issues including economic development, education and taxation. Dave knows how to work with government and key strategic partners effectively, and was instrumental in getting the Province to update the Co-operative Education tax credit and promoted our community internationally as an innovation hub.

Excerpts from Dave’s Better Choices Questionnaire

“Jobs and the local economy are a priority for me and will make up a significant chapter in my platform that will be released this fall.  I believe that promoting stable employment and quality jobs will require a focus on maintaining and strengthening current employers while also attracting new and emerging employers to our region.”

“Economically speaking, expanding the number of businesses in our community will help improve prosperity for everyone.  By increasing the number of jobs, we will raise our municipal tax base of residents and employers.  This will ensure we can meet our current financial responsibilities without additional burden on taxpayers and may allow council to explore options around managing taxes, enhancing programs or adding services. Working hard to achieve and maintain a thriving, robust and diverse local economy also benefits residents by creating a positive job climate and preserving residential property values.”

“I have a strong respect for the collective bargaining process. I want to make sure we are positively working with our counterparts in labour.  Ultimately, we are on one team with a common goal.  I believe a significant part of ensuring positive labour relations will depend on the relationships that exist prior to the start of the bargaining process and a mutual understanding of the issues.  I have already reached out to union representatives to arrange introductory meetings and will work to develop these relationships leading up to voting day to carry forward if elected as the next mayor of Waterloo.  To me, this is what positive leadership is all about and that is what I am running on.”

“When people feel that they belong to a community people are generally happier and experience a better quality of life.  Belonging also leads to higher community engagement and participation.  Unfortunately, the sense of belonging in our community is quite low overall, especially for groups that have been traditionally underrepresented.  As mayor, I believe this is a significant problem that needs attention.  I want all our residents to feel they are part of our city and to participate fully in all the wonderful things that Waterloo has to offer.”

“My vision for a livable and sustainable Waterloo includes alternative transit, trails, better street scapes, protecting our environmental assets, improving accessibility and promoting healthy living and eating.”

“My intention is to approach the management of the City’s finances much like all of us tight fiscal managers do at home: I will make sure that we earn more than we spend and that we know where each dollar is going.  To ensure we are getting value for money out of the City services our tax dollars pay for, I will propose to undertake value for money audits on all departments and programs over time and strengthen our internal project management.”