Mayor – Kitchener

Dan Glenn-GrahamDSCF4003

About Dan

Dan moved here 25 years ago from Toronto and with his wife Bev, own an 1872 downtown heritage home.
Dan has spent over 20 years in community building and has prepared for the role of Councillor by taking Fundamentals of Municipal Finance, as Finance Chair of his Church for 12 years and doing thousands of mediations and facilitated meetings.
Dan has been the only councillor to spend his whole term listening to residents at any city facility- in his case Kitchener Market. He would continue to do this as Mayor plus visit community centres.

Excerpts from Dan’s Better Choices Questionnaire

“I have belonged to CUPE 1750 for 25 years and believe in a strong voice for labour in interest based negotiations and collective bargaining with no short cuts. As Mayor, I would encourage positive relationships and meet with all heads of local labour unions and councils to start off with a respectful dialogue. I would encourage a free and open exchange and sharing of information and data to allow for informed decision making.”

“I support a living wage policy. Municipalities should also NOT be contracting out to third parties who do not pay a living wage.”

“I have attended poverty reduction discussions for 10 years. It is complex, but there are simple things we can do. Involve the people effected by the discussions! Build more affordable housing and help the homeless with supports. I would also push for more operational funding for those with addictions and mental health issues to have help come to where they live.”

“I have spent time with senior staff from Regional Housing and the best models of housing are ones where there is a mix of incomes, so we need partnerships with the private sector to develop more subsidized units. I would encourage greater dialogue between ROOF, Regional Housing, the Homelessness and Housing Umbrella and Kitchener Housing to work closely with private partners and the province and federal government to develop a cohesive approach of housing that provides supports to people with mental illnesses or addictions in their homes.”




Email: dan@electdanmayor