Regional Council – Kitchener – Cameron Dearlove

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About Cameron

Cameron Dearlove builds community in Kitchener through volunteering and work in the non-profit sector. As a social entrepreneur and Coordinator of The Family Centre, he leads innovative and collaborative projects that have improved the lives of Kitchener’s citizens.

Cameron works with the community to develop strength-building opportunities for Waterloo Region’s families. Cameron’s experience as an employment counsellor and job developer gives him a ground-level understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the local labour market.

A bridge-builder, Cameron has built connections with diverse local groups, including new Canadians and Indigenous people. He is an ally and advocate for many in the community, including people with

Having lived, worked, and studied abroad, Cameron brings an international perspective and fresh ideas to our community. Sincere and trustworthy, Cameron brings people together to build a stronger Waterloo Region.

Cameron was born, raised, and attended school in Waterloo Region. He and his wife, Jenny, are proud to call downtown Kitchener home. He is running to represent Kitchener on Waterloo Regional Council.

Excerpts from Cameron’s Better Choices Questionnaire

“We have a moral imperative to take leadership in poverty reduction and the promotion of good jobs. It’s simply not right that someone contracted by our Region to clean bathrooms or serve food in a cafeteria should work full-time, yet live in poverty. We have an opportunity to take a leadership role within our community, and across the country, in instituting a Living Wage policy.”

“One plank of my platform that will be key in this area is encouraging a citizen-led review of our local electoral system with the potential for electoral reform. I want to see our councils reflective of the diversity of our community. Currently all of these above-mentioned groups are underrepresented. We should be looking at our electoral system to find ways to ensure elections bring more representative results.”

“I believe that as a representative of the community I should not simply make decisions for the community. I should be out in the community getting ideas and feedback, sharing this with my colleagues, and then bringing these decisions back into the community to build understanding and awareness. Through my work and volunteer experience I am uniquely connected to the community in many ways, and spend significant time connecting with individuals and groups across the region. I will not only make decisions with the best interests of the community at heart, I will be a community voice.”

“I think we can decrease costs to policing, housing, social services – but only in the long run. If we emphasize and invest in crime prevention, we can decrease our long-term policing costs. If we focus on poverty reduction and creating opportunities for everyone in our community, we can decrease the long-term social services and housing costs. If we invest in affordable and supportive housing, we can decrease short-term shelter costs.”

“I believe in an activist local government that works to create a more equal community with opportunity for all members. I will look to keep our budget increases affordable, but my focus will be on long-term financial implications.
As a regional councillor, I will have two considerations when analyzing spending:
i) What are the short/medium/long-term financial implications of spending and/or not spending?
ii) What are the financial, social, and environmental costs and benefits of spending and/or not spending?”

“I have been an anti-poverty advocate in our community for a number of years, and eliminating poverty has been at the core of my work in this community. I will bring this passion to the region.”