Ward 3 – Woolwich – Lisa MacDonald

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About Lisa

Lisa’s strength lies with the Public. She takes every issue of a park upgrade, road upgrade, aggregate accountability, bridge upgrade to Council and tries to present to the Township a different view from the public.

She listens very carefully to what the public input is. There are a lot of folks to have stage fright and cannot get to the podium at Council and speak for a cause in their neighbourhoods or with regards to their lands. Lisa takes the cause forward to council so that everyone can move forward with accountability and fluency. Lisa would like to see more efforts put into Green Living and more attention to Breslau in her ward.

Excerpts from Lisa’s Better Choices Questionnaire

“I have always supported buying local and Canadian. We have vast land of farm producers all year long. I don’t want to see any out of province eg: maple syrup for Quebec when we have plenty here to support. At Council, my decision will always be Local and Canadian”

“I will respect all Collective agreements to make sure everyone’s rights are equal and heard. We should always be utilizing our own staff before contracting out. If the need is to contract out, then the collective agreements of the businesses we use will be respected.”

“Our parks have been neglected for 20 years. Capital funds designated for our parks are spent on last minute unplanned projects. Our parks should all be accessible.”

“I support a living wage for all and no freezing of wages.”




Email: lisamacd@rogers.com