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About Donna

Excerpts from Donna’s Better Choices Questionnaire 

“I have been a union member all of my working life. I am committed to collective bargaining as the best way to balance the rights of the company/city  and the rights of the employee. I support a living wage for all employees and I believe that the city performs well except for some contract workers. The time must be right to seek support for a living wage for all workers. A new council may be ready to tackle this. If the city adopts this measure, it may help to convince the Region to also do so.”

“Citizen participation is essential to democracy. It may be messy, awkward and sometimes gives us a solution we don’t want but it still remains better than any other method of governance. I work within committees to ensure different voices are heard on issues. I email interested parties about our projects etc. I make myself available to meet and discuss whatever citizens wish to talk about.”

“A living, breathing exciting city requires new investment. That requires increased taxes. Our citizens realize that city building takes investment in buildings, services and infrastructure. The Dunfield Theatre is one example of how an investment pays off. The city has seen a 39 million dollar return as a direct result of the theatre.”


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