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About Brian

Brian grew up in Cambridge’s vibrant Portuguese community where he quickly learned the importance of civic engagement and giving back to society. After high school, Brian started a small business that organized and produced concerts and music festivals. It was through this experience that he was named Chairman of Rock The Mill, one of the largest not-for-profit music festivals in Ontario. His interest in making Cambridge a better place to live encouraged him to run for City Council in 2010. While not successful in his first bid for public office, he was named to the City’s Arts and Culture Committee where he helped grow Cambridge’s thriving arts sector while gaining critical hands-on experience with City Council.

Brian’s numerous conversations with Preston residents about local issues that aren’t getting attention at city council has prompted him to run. He’ll actually do what the other candidates won’t – listen and solve everyday problems that aren’t being addressed by anyone else. He’ll bring fresh leadership and build bridges when finding solutions instead of dividing people.

Brian is a strong community leader who encourages others to get involved. He lives in Preston with his fiancée Kimberly and their two dogs, Morgan and Bentley.

Excerpts from Brian’s Better Choices Questionnaire

“All levels of government have a role to play in attracting jobs to Cambridge, including council. Council needs to support existing small businesses already working in our community while working to attract new investment by inviting new business to settle here. Our population is talented and hardworking, and there are businesses in need of a workforce like ours. It’s council’s job to help those businesses see that Cambridge is the right place to settle.”

“Council has a strong influence on the cost of living in our community, and lowering the cost of living is a goal that can change lives. Council can accomplish this by improving transportation, providing better services to neighbourhoods and low-income families, and implementing smart policies that benefit everyone.”

“Without a doubt, supporting local and Canadian businesses is important, but respecting taxpayers is also important. Council absolutely must encourage local businesses to bid on city contracts, and should support them in that bidding process, but council should be acting in a manner that delivers the best value to the people of Cambridge.”

“Positive relations with any party comes down to one fundamental concept: respect. This is no different when it comes to labour relations. A positive relationship with our labour partners is only possible when collective bargaining rights are respected, and when that bargaining is conducted in good faith.”

“Celebrating diversity and inclusion is a very important part of our Canadian culture, and something we should all be proud of. Our city will only shine brighter when every resident feels involved and engaged in their community.”

“I wholeheartedly support a living wage for all city employees, and for all contractors. If we expect someone to work here then they should be able to live here – otherwise we are telling them to spend our tax dollars (their salary) in another community, which doesn’t benefit us in the long-term. If we don’t pay people enough to live and invest in our community then we are too shortsighted to call ourselves leaders.”

Website: http://www.briansantos.ca/

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