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About Diane

Raised in Woodstock, Ont., Diane enrolled in civil engineering at the University of Waterloo in 1986. Upon graduation, she accepted employment as an engineer with Conestoga-Rovers and Associates Ltd. (CRA). Today, as a licensed professional engineer, she works as an associate with CRA in their business development group.

Diane believes in volunteering, and served as the 2010-2011 president of Professional Engineers of Ontario. She is the founding president of the Butterfly Learning Centre, a not-for-profit child-care facility located in north Waterloo. She also serves on the Board for Grand River Hospital and the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony. Since 1999, Diane, her husband Peter and her two children, Scott and Adam, reside in Ward 4. Both boys attend school in Waterloo with one at the University of Waterloo. The boys are active participants in Waterloo Minor Hockey and Waterloo Minor Soccer. Diane enjoys cheering for her two boys and can be found at many of their games.

Excerpts from Diane’s Better Choices Questionnaire

“Council has an obligation to ensure stable employment for those they directly manage and to set high expectations for fair and stable employment within the community. Further, Council must ensure that procurement practices are fair, transparent and fiscally responsible.”

“I absolutely support buy local and buy Canadian. There are many examples in my life including purchasing of local and Canadian made products. As a family we purchase the majority of our fresh meat and vegetables at the St. Jacobs farmers Market from local Ontario vendors. As a member of Council I will continue to support procurement practices that prioritize service delivery from local service providers. I also recently supported a City policy related to a buy local food services strategy. I also support local restaurants that prioritize the use of local food.”

“I believe positive labour relationships begin and end with trust and respect. I have a tremendous amount of trust that those who work for the City of Waterloo seek to do the best job every day and I have respect for and value all those who work for the City of Waterloo.”

“I am passionate about being a community builder. I believe in the statement “be wary of the politician who only is concerned about the taxpayers instead of all citizens”. I am concerned for all citizens in the City of Waterloo. I believe in building a community that is accessible for all. To me that means an age friendly community where all people can chose to access the community in a wheelchair, on foot, on a bike, in a car, or on public transit.”


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