Ward 5 – Kitchener

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About Kelly

Kelly has been on Kitchener City Council for 8 years, currently as Councillor for Ward 5 and previously Councillor for Ward 4. She has  sat on a number of boards and committees including; Kitchener Public Library Board, Arts and Culture Advisory Committee, Grand River Accessibility Advisory Committee, Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery Board, Kitchener Wilmot Hydro Board, Huron Natural Area Joint Venture Group, Kitchener Youth Action Council, Kitchener Housing Board.

Kelly is a hard worker with a strong, knowledgable voice around the council table. She was the Chair of the Community and Infrastructure Services Committee for 3 years and has been chair on a number of boards and committees.

Kelly has worked with adults with developmental disabilities for 8 years where she developed and lead programs. Additionally, she has done work in consulting, leading focus groups and assisting with strategic plans. She is a strong communicator that advocates for matters that are important and haa a well developed working relationship with city staff, community partners and the residents of Kitchener.

Excerpts from Kelly’s Better Choices Questionnaire

“The purchasing department at the city should make sure that local and Canadian suppliers are aware of the major purchases which will increase the likelihood that a local or national company will get the bid. If re-elected, I would ask the purchasing department to review the policies overall to see if there are areas of concern or where there might need to be some tightening of wording.”

“It’s important for council to work with city staff to have positive rapport and to treat all employees with respect. In my experience it’s important to always bargain in good faith and follow the collective agreements. At times it may be good to connect with the executives of the unions for consultation.”

“The city needs to continue to look at ways to engage the entire community. I believe we can promote some of the services which the city already offers with large print documents, sign language interpreters, language interpreters, etc. I also think we should start to offer some of our information to in various languages to work on improving engagement with those that english isn’t their first language.”

“My vision for a livable and sustainable community is to create neighbourhoods /communities that are complete with all amenities required within a walkable distance. Where we have community gardens, cycling lanes, trails, parks, gathering places, retail and transit.”


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/councillorkelly.galloway

Twitter: www.twitter.com/gallowaykelly

Email: kavgalloway@yahoo.ca