Ward 5 – Waterloo

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About Mark

Mark is a lifetime resident of Waterloo with a track record of award winning environmental and social activism. A three term councillor at the City of Waterloo, he has stood for fiscal responsibility and the fact that council should be transparent in their decision making. This has resulted in Waterloo having the lowest comparative tax rate in the Region while still maintaining a high standard of living for our citizens.

Mark’s commitment to his work combined with his long experience as Councillor makes him the ideal candidate for Councillor, Ward 5, Waterloo

Excerpts from Mark’s Better Choices Questionnaire

“The City of Waterloo is a major employer with almost 1,000 full and part time employees including two union groups, a staff association that is run like a union and a management group. By offering competitive wages, fair bargaining practices and a safe and healthy work environment we are doing our part to promote stable employment and quality jobs for all employees.”

“My own record on labour relations has been clear. I have supported the firefighters in Waterloo in their quest for an arbitrated settlement with their employer. I attend annual annual health and safety events. I encouraged a recent construction project to have a union only bidder.”

“The cultural, ethnic and social fabric of our community is in a constant state of flux as we continually redefine ourselves as a city, province and nation. Change is often rapid. Such an ever changing landscape should result in structures and systems that are not rigid but adaptable and continually evolving to the changes in the human landscape around us.”

“My background as a social and environmental activist has lead me to believe that one of the critical needs for cities in the future will be adaptation to climate change. For me this means less reliance on the automobile as the primary transportation mode for our citizens. I have been a proponent of walkable neighbourhoods by introducing sidewalk policies and money for trail development. I have supported Waterloo’s United Nations designation as an age friendly city and as a volunteer, I have devoted much of my time in reforestation efforts in my city.”



Twitter: www.twitter.com/WhaleyWaterloo