Ward 6 – Cambridge

Colin Slingsby

About Colin

Colin’s priorities can be simply stated. He is focused on Business, Family and Community. He works in a small business as a licensed electrician. He has a wife and three wonderful children. He previously served in the Royal Canadian Artillery, and has have strong interest in service clubs and The Monarchist League Of Canada.

These interests, and the business and leadership skills that Colin has developed have lead him to support a strong Canadian community and common sense government. He will work to make this a vibrant well-managed community.

Excerpts from Colin’s Better Choices Questionnaire

“Economic prosperity begins at home. Local investment is a great way to create local jobs, and bring in outside revenue. Investment in building local sports complex’s and retail outlets makes the city a desirable location to hold such events and a desirable location to shop and live.  And an increased advertisement throughout the province truly shows “It’s all right here.””

“Buy local, buy Canadian isn’t just a phrase of the good hearted it’s the solution to many of our local economic and social issues. To achieve this feet in council one simply needs to make it a moral issue. Something is wrong with our community and municipal government if we take revenue from the citizens and not reinvest it into our community.”

“I am a firm believer in workers rights. The right to a living wage the right to a safe and healthy workplace. The right to unionize if that is the desire. With that unmovable attitude and understanding I can only support the rights of others as they arise.”

“Living near and around the downtown core as I do running into people who are homeless is a disheartening fact of life. Although Cambridge does provide a great service with “The Bridges” a  temporary homeless shelter. Our city could only be bound closer together as it reaches out to service groups and local faith groups to help support with meals, employment building skills, mental health and addiction recovery counselling. Working together with all organizations  will create unity and prosperity.”

“I believe in a living wage to my very core. How can we expect to continue to build our great society without such human rights?”



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