Ward 6 – Kitchener

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About Wanda

Wanda has lived in Ward 6 since 1976 living in the Laurentian Hills and Alpine area before her and her husband Wally settled down in Country Hills in 1999 to raise their own three children. Wanting to give back, make a difference and enrich the neighbourhood that has given her so much, Wanda has been extensively involved with the Country Hills Neighbourhood Association (CHRA) for the past 14 years. In her professional role, she has spent 13 years working supporting and advocating for families who have young children at Our Place Family Resource and Early Years Centre.

Wanda envisions Ward 6 as a vibrant, resilient and sustainable community. She sees residents working together to build an inclusive and safe place to live, work and play by supporting neighbourhood gardens, markets and events that bring people together. Wanda wants to strengthen the connection between City Council and the Neighbourhood, feeling there has been some disconnect over the past few years. She sees that happening through meaningful interactions with residents either by door knocking or town hall meetings or by being accessible, accountable, and responsive.

On October 27th, vote Wanda Kampijan.

Excerpts from Wanda’s Better Choices Questionnaire

“Local businesses stabilize and vitalize neighborhoods. They provide opportunities for youth to develop essential skills needed to succeed. Small businesses create community leaders that re-invest in community.”

“Council should ‘model the way’ when it comes to supporting a ‘buy local, buy Canadian’ strategy. They should be seen at local shops, building relationships with shop owners. Supporting a City wide campaign around the impact a ‘buy local, buy Canadian’ strategy has on the local economy. ie; for every dollar spent locally seven dollars is returned back to the local economy.”

“Strengthening relationships with both employees and contract firms and keeping the lines of communication open. Maintaining a strong code of ethics when addressing conflicts and concerns surrounding the workplace.”

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