Ward 6 – Waterloo

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About Jeff

Jeff knows leaders work best when they work with others. As only one vote on Council, Jeff has had to build consensus and support among his colleagues for decisions that strengthen our city. And since a city is only as strong as the community behind it, Jeff believes in working with residents and neighbourhoods to build a vision for the community we want and to find the right support to make it happen.

There is still much to do. Jeff will work hard to make sure every resident can contact city hall and receive seamless and helpful service. He will also work to develop a realistic and sustainable plan to address the enormous infrastructure challenges that Waterloo, like other Canadian cities, is facing for the coming decades. Jeff is also committed to working with the Region and other stakeholders to build more affordable and subsidized housing.

Jeff lives in Ward 6 with his wife, Kate. He has a long history of community service in Waterloo. Most recently, as president, he guided our local Canadian Mental Health Association branch through a merger with another organisation to provide better service for some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Excerpts from Jeff’s Better Choices Questionnaire

“We are leaders in more than information and communication technology, with long-standing expertise in financial and insurance services, advanced manufacturing, and the agri-food industry. I have continued, during my Council term, to talk about the importance of these other key sectors so that all of our residents and business leaders know their representatives value them. This directly impacts what investments we seek from business leaders at home and abroad, as well as what support from senior governments that we secure.”

“Over the last four years, I have served as the Council liaison to the Environmental Advisory Committee. In this role, I encouraged the committee to bring the Waterloo Food System Roundtable’s local food charter to Council and advised them on their approach to do so. The local food charter was unanimously endorsed by Council. As we recently in-sourced our food services operations, I anticipate supporting future policies to codify commitments to local procurement.”

“Positive labour relations comes from active engagement with employees in decisions that affect them, and requires that we bargain in good faith. I believe the settlements we have achieved in the last four years have met those tests. Input from our employees and their representatives was critical to the success of our ‘2013 Forward’ reorganization plan for city hall, which increased our efficiency and capacity while maintaining overall staffing levels. I believe Waterloo is at its best when we see our staff as partners in delivering services that support a high quality of life for our residents and value them accordingly.”

“We are making substantial progress at connecting and enhancing our active and public transportation routes, but more work is required. While I am working with one of my ward’s communities on introducing a playground, we need more opportunities for older youth to feel part of our community. And while I continue to support appropriate intensification to build an urban community that protects our farmland, I look forward to supporting more and better green spaces along with evidenced-based traffic calming to enhance the livability of Waterloo.”



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