Kitchener/Wilmot – Joyce Anderson

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About Joyce

Joyce is running for a second term as trustee with the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. Her goal is to ensure a quality, inclusive education for all students, and to promote an environment where the dignity of every parent,student and employee is honoured. In addition, she will continue to work for better communication among all stakeholders.

Joyce brings a wealth of experience to the role including 38 years in education as a trustee, administrator, special education consultant and teacher. She is the proud grandparent of 2 students in the Waterloo Catholic DSB.

Excerpts from Joyce’s Better Choices Questionnaire

Positive labour relations develop and thrive in an environment that actively fosters a culture of respect and fairness. How we treat the least powerful in our system speaks loudly to who we are. The single most important role of the trustee is to ensure that the person hired by the board to lead the system is someone who consistently demonstrates high levels of integrity and respect. If this is a key value of the Director of Education, that message will permeate the system, and a powerful shift in culture will follow.”

“To increase public involvement in decision making, trustees need to offer invitations to engage and provide input. The board needs to advertise more broadly when specific decisions are to be made. It is also effective to engage school councils by attending school council meetings or host regional meetings. These meetings can be used for conversation, for an opportunity to get input from parents as well as to raise awareness about the role of trustees as the representatives of taxpayers at the board”

“Our board took a courageous stand when it voted 10-1 to support OECTA’s position on the Gay Pride Parade. I have sent messages of support to administrators who publicly and courageously celebrated sexual diversity before the right to GSAs was legislated and more broadly accepted. All students need to see themselves reflected in the faces of the adults around them, in the various roles in the school board. The board’s current hiring policy does not address this issue. I will request that our hiring policy be reviewed to address the importance of a diverse workforce.”

“Catholic schools, as part of the vital core of the wider Catholic community, make teaching social justice and care of people and the environment a deeply integrated part of who we are. All our schools are engaged in a broad range of initiatives at both the local and international level. This is an important part of the Board Improvement Plan.”