Kitchener/Wilmot – Anthony Piscitelli

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About Anthony

Anthony Piscitelli brings extensive governance experience to the role of Waterloo Catholic District School Board Trustee. He has served on nine Boards of Directors over the past twelve years. His experience includes developing new organizations, creating policies, approving budgets, setting strategic direction and overseeing organizational development in corporations. At present, he serves as a Director with Your Neighbourhood Credit Union and as a Trustee with the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. Anthony has also completed a Masters of Political Science Degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, and is an Accredited Canadian Credit Union Director and a Level II Certified Municipal Manager.

If elected to a second term as Separate School Trustee, Anthony will fight for:
• A viable business plan designed by Catholic families and Trustees
• A redefined role for Trustees to encourage open communication with Catholic families
• A meeting investigator position, so Catholic families can hold Trustees accountable

“Our dedicated teachers and support staff give our system tremendous potential” said Anthony Piscitelli. “We can only reach this potential if we have Trustees who will roll up their sleeves and get the work done.”

Excerpts from Anthony’s Better Choices Questionnaire

“In order to improve conditions for employees it is essential that we understand how our staff feel they are being treated. I therefore support a ‘treatment of staff survey’ created by the Board of Trustee. This survey will be used to follow up on previous surveys and to identify the issues within our system. Previous survey’s have been led by senior administration, I believe it is essential that the Board of Trustees lead survey efforts to ensure the results are unbiased and to ensure problems are addressed. I also support involving our labour union partners in identifying the questions to ask in the survey, this will ensure the issues that are most important to our employees are addressed.”

“The cornerstone of my platform is a community led, Trustee driven, strategic planning process. Local municipalities all set decisions for the term during their strategic planning process, unfortunately at the WCDSB Trustees have abdicated responsibility for developing the Board Business Plan, instead choosing to leave this job up to senior administration while simply tinkering around the fringes of the plan. If I am elected I will push for a strategic planning process that involves the community. This will represent the opportunity for Catholic families to have input into the direction of the school system and it will be the chance for individual Trustees to ensure their platform promises are reflected in the operations of the school board.”

“Currently we primarily rely on EQAO scores as the primary indicator of the success of our system. I do not believe EQAO scores alone are adequate and I am personally partial to graduation rates as an additional measure to evaluate the success of our system. I also would like to see a survey of our graduating students asking them about their values. However, I am not ready to commit to specific indicators at this time. I believe we need a comprehensive approach to developing indicators. If elected I will be proposing a strategic planning process at my first board meeting and a central component of this planning process should be the development of indicators of success.”

During my first term as a school Board Trustee I have primarily focused upon supporting LGBTQ youth in our system and students with special needs. I supported Gay Straight Alliances as a means to assist LGBTQ youth, I was also instrumental in passing a motion expressing support for our teachers and support staff members efforts to support LGBTQ youth.  In addition, I successfully protected funding for Special Education saving a number of positions through an amendment to the first budget. If re-elected I will continue to encourage the board to take steps to create a supportive environment for LGBTQ students and staff. I will also continue to advocate for adequate funding for special education.”


Twitter: @anthonypiscitel