Waterloo/Wellesley/Woolwich – Janek Jagiellowicz

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About Janek

Catholic School Trustee-Waterloo,Wellesley,Woolwich 2010-present
Husband and Father, 2 daughters attend St.Agatha CES
Business owner for 17 yrs
St.Agatha parish member
MA Philosophy, Catholic University of Leuven
contact him at 519-729-2020,jpj@sympatico.ca , @JJagiellowicz

Excerpts from Janek’s Better Choices Questionnaire

“It is vitally important that all workers,be they Board employees or employees with other firms under contract to the Board be treated fairly and with respect. You do this by respecting their collective bargaining rights, by creating an atmosphere that is transparent and also without conceived prejudice.”

“As a Catholic, equality, respect and love of all is core to my beliefs. I have been vocally supportive of all LGBTQ presence in our schools for the students. The next four years I want to champion LGBTQ presence amongst our staff. The LGBTQ staff need to feel as comfortable within our system as the students do.”

“My role as a Trustee is to help parents understand and navigate the system. Too often the parent feels left out , not appreciated, not listened to and this is a major concern for me. Parents need to be supported as they have their concerns addressed by Administration.”



Twitter: @JJagiellowicz

Email: jpj@sympatico.ca