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About Melanie

Melanie is married with two children currently enrolled in our Separate School board. She is a stay-at-home mom with 15 years of financial and management experience. She also has a Psychology degree from Wilfrid Laurier University.

This past year, she volunteered as school council treasurer at St. Boniface Catholic School and helped plan many school events. She is Chair of the school’s key fundraising initiative to be held in November. Outside of her volunteer work with the school, she has had the pleasure of coaching her daughter’s soccer team, which is part of the Woolwich Youth Soccer Club. Melanie truly enjoys supporting the children in our community.

As the WCDSB Trustee, Melanie’s focus will be on improving communication with the constituents. She will take time to listen and hear what the people of the community have to say and take that into consideration when making touch decisions. She believes that the Catholic system is a necessity in our community and will work to increase enrolment. Melanie will act as “your voice” when discussing changes in our local schools!

Excerpts from Melanie’s Better Choices Questionnaire

“In order to ensure positive labour relations there must be excellent two-way communication. I will encourage discussion and listen carefully to all parties involved. I will treat everyone fairly and be open to all suggestions and fully understand the specific topic before making any decisions.”

“It is important for trustees to gather information from parents, teachers and families within the community before making any policy decisions. The WCDSB already has a process in place when consulting with the communities. My goal is to let my constituents know that I am available for discussions on all related topics. I will be a presence in the schools by attending different events and or meetings.”

“First and foremost we must be open to discussion and open to change. All groups must be welcomed and accepted within the WCDSB. We ensure this happens by creating a variety of groups and clubs within our schools so that everyone feels welcome and included.”

“When it comes to building a liveable and sustainable community, it is important for our Catholic schools to develop strategies that encourage students, teachers and parents to participate in such activities. Some examples are: opportunity to plant in a community garden or neighbourhood, collect garbage in a local park, walk/bike to school. I know these take place throughout the year at many schools. I would encourage these activities to continue and grow.”


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Email: melanievanalphen@gmail.com