Kitchener – Ted Martin

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“We need to ensure that students receive a truly balanced education: resist the push for more homework, standardized testing and centralized control of education, since these have been proven not to work. As someone who studied English and Math at University, I understand the need to emphasize literacy and numeric skills, but we also need to provide opportunities in the trades, the arts, and athletics.”

Excerpts from Ted’s Better Choices Questionnaire

“I have always been at the forefront of trustees trying to maintain good relations with our employee groups.”

“At all levels, I look for strong community engagement and communications. I expect a real openness in senior administration, a willingness to meet with and listen to students, parents, staff, trustees and other community members, and to share decisions and the thought-process that went into them.”

“I enjoy discussing issues with the public and do not shy away from having the “tough” conversations. Ultimately, trustees must make the decision that they feel is best for all the students, employees and community stakeholders, rather than simply bowing to the majority opinion or to those who speak the loudest.”

“I continue to work away at getting support for stronger environmental policies. Over the years, I have been instrumental in adding “shade” to our building policies and introducing a (since watered-down) policy against the use of single-use plastic water containers. I would like to see us aim to adopt green building practices (such as LEED).”

“I would like us to continue to transform our hiring policies, so that we can ensure our staff better reflects our student (and Region) population. We still see minorities under-represented in our various staff groups and males under-represented in our teaching staff.”