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About Carol

Carol is a fresh face, with a new vision, a wealth of community experience, combined with a lengthy & ongoing partnership with the board. She has experience working with teachers, support staff, students, administration and board personnel.
Carol is a recently retired Public Health Nurse who has had the pleasure of working in elementary, secondary, and alternative schools as a school nurse for over 30 years. In her role, she provided curriculum support, classroom education, school wide health campaigns, parent education as well as facilitate smaller support groups within the school setting. As a parent, she has been involved in school councils and community committees. She is passionate about education, educators, youth and community and is someone who is always open to new insights, learning and ideas. Carol promises to be prepared for what this job entails and to listen without judgement or bias.

Carol believes that is time for change within our board. We need to encourage an active partnership with the parents and the community with honest and ongoing conversations. She welcomes your questions, comments and support. CHOOSE CHANGE!!

Excerpts from Carol’s Better Choices Questionnaire

“Schools do not do their jobs in isolation. Research has demonstrated over and over again the importance of parental involvement in their children’s education. It is important to create a process and environment where parents feel like true partners. Effective, meaningful communication between staff, board members and parents/community must be a priority as it will clarify what the issues are and what to bring to the table for discussion with other board members I think that we need to be proactive in our work in order to increase community and parent involvement and feedback.”

“Schools and staff should continue to identify strategies to promote safe, caring and inclusive environments where all are welcome but also experience success. I believe that we need to involve/talk/spend time with groups that have been traditionally underrepresented or excluded to help us understand what they need and what the Board can do for them. The Ministry has provided staff with document, guidelines and resources. As a board we need to provide staff with the time and training to incorporate this into their practice to better serve and represent these populations.”

“Having been a community partner and worked in the schools with both boards at the elementary and secondary level for over 30 years, I have the utmost respect and admiration for the teaching and non-teaching staff. They are professionals who are responsible for the care, safety, education and guidance of our children and schools. I support the collective bargaining process and understand that it is stressful for everyone involved. During that time I will continue to provide support, encouragement and validation to these very important staff.”

Website: www.carolmillar.ca


Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/carollmillar

Email: cmillar0365@rogers.com