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About Scott

Scott has worked for most of his professional career as a hockey coach in various roles from the youngest beginners to professional teams.

The aspect of coaching that has inspired him the most in his career is the positive effect being active and participating in team sports can have on youth development and the indirect positive effect sport can have on a community.

Scott is transitioning in his career into roles that have a more direct connection to community development which is what inspired him the most in his coaching career. He has become very involved in our local and regional political scene in Provincial, Municipal and National Elections.

Excerpts from Scott’s Better Choices Questionnaire

“It is important that members of all parties bargain in good faith. That everyone is respected throughout the entire process of collective bargaining. It is important to consider how contracted companies treat their employees, and if they have a unionized work force, how they have conducted themselves in collective bargaining situations in the past.”

“Kids can’t learn if they don’t feel safe. Kids can’t grow if they’re not allowed to feel comfortable. Ensuring that school is a place for everyone and inspiring students to be passionate about learning is the most important role educators have.”

“I believe in a holistic approach to education. If grades stay the same, but more kids are participating in extra curricular activities, than that is a success. If there is a growth in arts programming or technical trade development, that improves the education of students greatly. If physical activity is promoted and the health of students improves, that can be a huge positive for a school.”

“I believe a trustee should be a facilitator of information rather than get involved in a fight. It is important that different groups with specific interests have a voice in a situation, and it’s important that those groups are given appropriate and relevant information during a dispute or a decision process. A trustee must make sure that individual groups are given this voice, and that they receive the information, but must always remember that there is an appropriate avenue for the expression of that voice, and maintain their focus as a Trustee.”

“I believe we are currently relying too much on standardized testing. Other indicators such as graduation or drop out rates (especially within marginalized groups) improvements within elite students and improvements from struggling or disengaged students must be considered rather than simply the median result in a province wide test.”

Website: www.votemcmillan.ca

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